A collection of some maybe not so profound,maybe not so original, or maybe just plain silly thoughts that come to mind as I’m building my boat:

A boat is built .005 of an inch at a time.

Listen to what the boat is telling you as you work, sail – she will tell you what she wants. Go with your gut.

Take your time and enjoy the build process. Rushing will surely make for mistakes. If you feel in a hurry to do something – walk away and take a break or quit for the day.

This is fun 🙂

Sanding epoxy is not fun 😦

Some names come to mind:    Salient,  Mr. Breeze,  Hen’s Tooth,  Olyve / Olive,  Slim,  Crabby Patty, Eleanor Mae, Thin Lizzy, Bonsai, Venti

… I gotta quit screwin’ around with this blog and get back to work on the boat…

She’s gonna be fast!

As time goes on the boat is costing more than I had thought, but the farther I get along the less I want to skimp on anything too – so I’ll just be OK with whatever it comes out to be.  Most of all I just want a fine boat out of the deal.

My next boat will not be covered in epoxy.


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