Reefing options

Started figuring out my reefing options for this boat after 3 years on the water!

I had to re-do my lacing so I can lower the sail. The lower section now has robands and the upper is still laced.

First reef in the main was done by adding lines at the reef on the tack and clew. To reef I slacken the snotter a couple inches. Then I can pull the sprit out of the clew becket. Then by taking my clew reef line around the sprit and back around the cross piece on the end of the sprit and using it as a cleat I tighten up the clew. (The sprit does not have to move forward by doing it this way, and won’t interfere with the jib.)  — Then going forward I undo the lower robands, pull the downhaul line out of its cleat, lower the halyard ’til the lacing hits the snotter, re-cleat the reef tack, and haul up the halyard. Go back to tighten the snotter and it’s ready to go. Maybe sounds more complicated than it really is ? Takes 2 or 3 minutes to do now. I should get faster as I learn it all well.

I tried a reef in the jib too. That one will have to be done on the beach. I don’t think I could be futzing around up there while on the water – maybe if I had another body in the back of the boat to counteract my weight up front… I’ll have to see if it will balance and self tack when reefed… more fun testing.

So I have a couple options now. I did not try for the second reef in the main at this time – it just looked like maybe it was going to be too small to be of any good ? IDK  — I’ll revisit the idea later if I think there is a need for it.

Some pics of the setups:






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