Giving Venti some loving

Venti sat out all of last summer while I was wrapped up playing around with the new gunning dory.

I finally got her out of the garage and dusted her off yesterday. Giving her some love and attention and getting ready to sail her again this summer. I’m still tinkering with the dory, but I find myself missing the old boat. Some painting jobs like the sprit were never even painted from the original launch 3 years ago. I started on those items today. Made a new club for the balanced jib – the other was a quick, cheap job just to get me going. It still did the job regardless but I made a nicer one from the better douglas fir. Some touch up painting on the bottom will come. Maintenance on the trailer, and maybe a tongue jack, and a much needed spare tire too.

Figuring out some easy way of reefing is a good tinkering idea for this year too. We’ll see when I get there – but I think I may need to change my lacing technique for that.

I have yet to sail Venti on Lake Erie – so that is a goal for this season.

I’m excited to hang out with my old girl again this summer.


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