That’s it

That’s it – I’m gonna quit.  I closed out my sailing season for this year today with a short sail at my favorite water hole. The water is getting pretty cold on the legs when launching and retrieving the boat, and a capsize would probably be disastrous at this point, so I’m calling it quits for the year. I’m sure my wife would appreciate the fact that I actually come home from a sailing trip. The winds were pretty cooperative today – around 16 mph with gusts into the mid 2o’s. I didn’t stay out for more than an hour or so, and a few of those gusts signaled to me it would be advisable to head in considering the water temperature. I carried a full main sail with no jib today and that was just about right. So a fun day was had, but cut a bit short by my good sense to call it quits. It’s been a fun season this year. Didn’t get out as much as I wished, but you take what you get I guess.


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