Stongback & molds

ImageI got a start on my little sharpie. After a couple weekends and a few stray hours here and there, I’ve got the strongback and molds set up. Right now the lamination for the stem is gluing up. That’ll get mounted next. My pictures don’t look like much at this stage, but it’s a start. No problems with anything so far – everything lined up pretty well, and stretching a batten along the chine and sheer looks good too. If you look you’ll see holes drilled in the molds – I put string crosshairs in each to help with the alingment of the molds. A laser level came in handy there too.


I decided to make the transom frame like I did so I can mount my stringers and cut them off flush easily afterwards, then I’ll sheath the outside of the frame with the same 1/4″ plywood that I’m using for the topside planking. This should eliminate any fussy fitting for the chine or inwale.


Then on to getting the stem apron mounted and scarfing up the chine and sheer stringers – once they’re mounted it should start  to resemble a boat – I hope…

Updates as progress is made…


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