Stick-Up Sharpie home

Stick-Up Sharpie

I’m starting a new blog here to follow along on the build of a 13′ stick-up rigged sharpie.

Some work has already been started – the strongback and molds are set up. That has taken me a couple weekends so far. I hope to progress along fairly quickly as I’d like to have her out sailing this summer.

This will be a budget build. I’ll keep a reasonably close guesstimate of the monies spent here.

I’m hoping this blog may help someone interested in this unique boat and maybe encourage them to build one of their own also.

3 Responses to Stick-Up Sharpie home

  1. Innisfree says:

    Enjoyed following on WoodenBoat Forum, but couldn’t post there, so here is a push tiller arrangement you might consider:
    found at

    • timsboats says:

      Thanks for that. I’m going to tinker some with a push/pull tiller this weekend. I figure I can try it first without having to modify the boat at all. Rope steering just hasn’t “clicked” with me yet – and I’m not really willing to modify the hull for a system I might not end up using.

      • Innisfree says:

        Thank YOU for the build blog. Looking forward to tiller and jib updates (WB forum). Regarding the jib and sail area discussion, might help posting boat weight AS BUILT to calculate sq. feet/# displacement. Scrap yards should have a scale you could drive the trailered boat (with rigging etc.) onto, then subtract trailer spec weight. Or sling up off trailer a few inches with a shop engine crane that has a scale.

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