Good day

After being sidelined for a while following a small surgery, I finally got back out sailing today. Probably the best day aboard Venti yet. The winds were 10 to 15 mph gusting to 20. Good thing I have the bailing bucket on board ’cause I needed it! I carried full sail and buried the side decks a few times. Great fun. Another body for ballast would come in handy at these times.  I’ll have to start thinking about setting my sails up for reefing, I guess. Much more power with this new jib. I don’t know – I may not ever put the stick-up jib back on…

It might just make a good kayak sail… 🙂

No pics yet – but I did order a small waterproof video camera. So when that comes in and I get it rigged up I hope to have some sailing footage to post soon.


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Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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