The third time is a charm

I’m still toying with this balanced jib, trying to get it right. On the first outing with the new jib – she would not tack at all.  So I moved my pivot point forward about 4 inches, and finally got another try at it today. She still wasn’t too happy to come about. So I did an adjustment at the lake today and moved the pivot point another 4 inches forward. This time I got a few tacks in – it felt pretty good – like maybe the third time is a charm. I’ll need another day to be sure though – this wind was light and fluky today so maybe not the best test day.

So I started with my lower pivot point at 2/5ths back from the tack of the jib – and now I’m up to 1/4th.

I did get a couple better gusts however, and she does feel a bit more powerful with the new jib!

I think I’ll get it together – eventually

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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