Balanced jib sailing

I got the boat out today for some early season testing with the new balanced jib.  April 18th! – who would’ve thunk it after the crappy winter we have had here! :0

Light winds today – around 7 mph according to the NOAA report.  She sailed fine with the new jib. The jib set with a nice shape. At this wind speed I noticed no difference in the helm – she felt balanced about the same as with the stick up jib.  I also could not tell any real difference in the power or speed with the new versus the old jib.  I’ll need more wind to determine that, I suppose.  I did have problems tacking though.  The jib does not want to switch from one side to the other as I go through the eye of the wind.  It wants to stop in the eye, stay filled on the first side,  and then push me back where I came from. Of course I’m not happy with that. Right now my thought is to move the lower pivot point – I have that set at 2/5ths of the way back from the tack now – I’m going to try it at closer to the 1/4 mark or in between the two. The Sharpie Book suggests between 2/5ths and 1/4 so somewhere in there should be the sweet spot, I hope. She did jibe OK so I did manage to get back from where I came from 😉

If anyone has any ideas on tacking with a balanced jib, and what I would need to do to make this thing work good – I’m all ears!

No pics today – I was out by myself again.

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2 Responses to Balanced jib sailing

  1. Rik says:

    Timo, I liked the look of the new setup a lot. Not sure what to say on the tacking issue because I do not understand exactly what happens. So with the jib sheet completely released the job stays filled with wind? The main should be sheeted in (even with manual help by pushing boom further during tacking) completely to push the stern through the wind. Then the jib can push the bow through the eye once the wind catches the other side of the jib. Cats have that issue a lot tacking. It is hard to know what happens exactly. Everything seems setup nicely with your boat.

    • timsboats says:

      Hi Rik
      Because of the balanced nature of the jib there is almost no pressure on the jib sheet. It is just set up on a slack athwartship line and pivots on the front attachment point. Letting go on the jib sheet puts no additional pressure on the sheet like you’d expect from a standard jib setup. The thing just pivots to the wrong side of the boat and won’t switch sides. I’m thinking if I move that pivot point it will (1) add some pressure on the sheet and (2) cause the jib to weathervane better to give more correct control.
      I’m going to try it again today if everything goes my way.

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