Raising the balanced jib

Finally got some decent weather to play around with the boat some. I got a pretty good start on fitting the new jib. It seems like it will be OK. The leach of the jib clears the front end of the main’s sprit boom good.  I set the jib boom’s pivot right at the 2/5ths mark and it seems just about right. The luff and leach tension at the same time, and the the whole thing pivots real easy. There is no need to pull down on the clew. Hauling on the jib halyard tends to pull the top of the mast forward, and tightening the snotter on the mainsail pulls the top of the mast back. Seems like that is going to balance out nicely 🙂 – Nice feature there, I think. I’ve still got some finalizing to do before it’s really ready to go. And then the water needs to warm up a bit so I can go test this thing out!

new jib 003new jib 005 new jib 007

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Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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