A long winter’s nap

Sadly, by now I have given up all hope of getting out sailing any more this year. Snowflakes falling today, temps in the 2o’s, water temp in the 40’s – yeah I’m pretty sure it’s over ūüė¶

The boat has already been stored inside. A couple weekends ago I took the sails off the spars and brought them in the house for the winter. I will be getting some stuff done over the winter – more painting that was rushed through back in June so I could get out on the water. I did do a quick once over – pulled up the floorboards and emptied the stuff out. I’m happy to report not seeing any problems as of yet – no cracks or anything like that – she looks just about the same as the day I launched her, maybe just a little dirtier in spots and the few scratches she got over the summer.

This morning I spent some time drawing up a plan for a balance(d) jib for the boat. Even though the stick-up jib worked out just fine this past summer, I still can’t help but¬†wonder how she would handle with the balance jib. So I think this winter I will have one made up for her. I’m still working out some of the details on that and will post a¬†drawing of her with the new jib once the plan is finalized.

I also want to play around with some different steering ideas – the long tiller was just fine with just me in the boat, but not so good when I had a passenger along. The tiller sweeps the whole cockpit almost so they are very cramped to say the least. I’m going to explore some different ideas and I’m sure I’ll come up with something, be it a push/pull ( which I’m afraid will still give me cockpit space problems) , or a rope steering setup, or maybe something completely different even. I’d still like the option of easily switching back to the current setup as it is quite comfortable for me as is – when I’m by myself.

I’d like to get all the little details that were skipped over before done this winter and be completely ready-¬†including a new jib option –¬†come springtime.


About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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