Sailing report

Today was the first day I’ve got some real wind to play in. NOAA reported a 17 MPH breeze at the time I was out. Definately more than I’ve been out on in this boat before. I carried full sails and didn’t really need to reef at this speed. As I suspected she is a little wet going upwind in these conditions. So I took some spray in over the bow. It was welcomed- it was in the 90’s today. Putting the rail under felt good – not scary at all. When I pushed her a little harder and buried the side deck she still didn’t feel on the edge of capsizing. And when a gust hit, the bow rounded up into the wind without excessive weather helm felt at the tiller. Sorta like a built in safety net 🙂  I took some water over the rail a couple times and sure am glad I put those drain plugs in the bottom. I had a good bit of water to drain out. Fun day. I’m looking foward to the next one already!

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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