Sailing pics

My new-found sailing friend John took a couple pics for me today. Cell phone pics doctored up on the computer a bit – best I’ve got for now. Thanks John.

johns cell pics.1 johns ceel pic.1.1


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Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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4 Responses to Sailing pics

  1. Jim Stumpf says:

    Met you at La Due today. Contact me and I will forward the pics I took.

  2. Burton Blais says:

    Hi Tim, she is a great looking boat! I love that hull form, and you’ve done a great job building her. Those sharpies really are as fun to build as they are to sail! How’s her balance without that foresail deployed?

    From one sharpie sailor to another

    Burton Blais
    Doug Hylan crab skiff “Jackrabbit”

    • timsboats says:

      I haven’t tried her out except under full sail since I launched back in June (I think it was…)
      Haven’t had a need to reef yet.
      I’d like to see your “Jackrabbit” Got any pics or a blog up?
      Thanks for commenting.

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