Even though I’ve had my boat out sailing a few times already, there are still some things that need to be finished. Leather chafing gear on the sails for one. Proper grommets for the sprits, another. I got my new favorite (for now) tool today – just a simple sewing awl to most folks – but I’ve never used one before. What a relief for doing the leatherwork on the sails. The grommets I had to make from manilla because my polyester rope is just too soft once it’s unlaid to get a good grommet. The manilla just falls back into place pretty much and is easy to get a good result. I then served the grommet for better protection, and looks. All these little details will keep my project alive for a while longer. I do like to tinker so that’s a good thing for me.IMGP8805.1 IMGP8807.1 IMGP8809.1

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Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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