A functional rudder

I spent all day on the rudder and tiller today. As it sits now I should have a fully functional sailboat. With the main sail done and the rudder complete I could – but I won’t ’til the rudder is sealed. But then again if it keeps raining like it has been here the past two days – I might be sailing around the back yard. 🙂

The rudder hardware came from Duckworks. It’s nice heavy duty stuff. 3/8″ pintles. The verticle gudgeons are for a Weekender. Racelite stuff.

I’ll pretty up the front end of the tiller with some fancy ropework probably. Or maybe leather.  We’ll see.

IMGP8799.2 IMGP8794.1 IMGP8792.1


About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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