Friggin’ with the riggin’

I’ve got a start on rigging the sails. Just the main for now – the other spars are not even started yet. I just had to see how the sail looks on there. I got a nice low wind day to play around with it in the yard. For the time being I’ve decided to lace the sails on. One main advantage is that the luff stays right next to the mast – with robands I don’t see that happening. I think the sail will set better with lacing. Some testing under sail will tell me if I’ve got it right. That’ll still have to wait for a couple more weeks until I’ve got everything finished. I’ll probably use parachute cord for my lacing, thanks to a suggestion from my friends on the Woodenboat forum. I’ll still need to work out my reefing setup with the lacing and snotter – it all needs to work together somehow with a minimum of fuss – more testing. I tried two rolling hitches on the snotter to sprit boom connection. It can work if I get the hitches tied right…:(  — but in the end I just put the camcleat on the boom. It’s just easier for now. Maybe someday I’ll get good at remembering how to tie knots…

Oh yeah…small suprise… tanbark sails! yay! I love ’em 🙂

IMGP8727.1 IMGP8731.1

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