The rowing was a success on the first two outings. So I mounted up my 30 pound thrust trolling motor to give it a try.  I’ve had two outings with the motor. It works pretty good. She glides along nice and easy. I think it’s a little faster than my glass boat, but fast is a relative term here, it’s just a small trolling motor. I found that if I lower the centerboard she tracks really well, and I can steer without touching the motor at all. I sit on the center thwart and slide my butt an inch or two left or right and I can steer right up the river hands free – pretty cool, I think. I took her out onto Lake Erie while I was out today. It was pretty calm and I stayed close to shore inside the breakwall. Not too many boats out there yet, but she handled a couple of reasonable powerboat wakes with no trouble. Pretty darn stable. We’ll see what happens in the summer when there’s tons of boats and jetskis flying around. I was wishing that I had the sails today – a nice light breeze and a flat lake would’ve made for some good sailing. Soon…

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