Spar work

I’ve been working mostly on the spars lately. The main mast is fully shaped now, as well as the main’s sprit. So – I’ve got a jib mast and sprit to go yet. They are much smaller so should be done a little faster than the main. No fittings yet, and all spars will be painted with the putty color that I used on the inside the boat. The wood isn’t really pretty enough for varnish. The rest of the boat is painted so the spars can be too. I used the belt sander trick for sanding the spars and that works really well. No pics of that – it’s been covered elsewhere by others so doesn’t need repeating here. Pretty good rake on that main mast, no?   Time’s closing in on when I’m gonna need a rudder too, so I’ve gotta start thinking about getting started on that soon. And I’ve gotta get an order in to Duckworks for all the rigging goodies that I’m gonna need. Busy times. I think I’ll be ready the first week of June 🙂

IMGP8725.1 IMGP8719

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