It floats!

I finally got her in the water this morning. I’m gonna call it an “unofficial launch”. But I had to see her float and try out the oars. All went well. She rode on the trailer just nice and the launch was easy. She floated right off no problem and floats in very shallow water. I didn’t have anyone with me to get rowing pics or trim pics with me in there, but they’ll come later. Floated just according to plan with the bottom of the stem just clear of the water and the transom out as well. Did not sink a noticeable amount once I got aboard so I think the trim is good in that regard. Future pics will tell for sure though. Did not leak a drop. That’s a relief. I rowed for about an hour and it rowed pretty well for me. It was kind of windy and windage from the bow caused just a little trouble – not too bad though. I tried out the centerboard and it drops just to the right depth with my 10 pounds if lead in there – I’m happy with that. I left it down for rowing and it seemed to help with the windage. Still turns easily with the board down – happy with that too. Now I’m a total beginner at rowing so I have nothing really to compare this boat to , but it moved along pretty easy and turned good too so I’d call it a success. The extended oarlocks felt plenty strong even when I pulled a bit harder. The centerboard case does hit me in the back just above my tailbone, but I expected that. Maybe some future surgery will be done if I decide to row more. Right now I’m more interested in sailing than rowing.

Thanks for sharing my “unofficial launch” day with me!

IMGP8701.1 IMGP8703.1 IMGP8707.1 IMGP8708.1

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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3 Responses to It floats!

  1. Wetlander says:

    Congrats! Looks great. It must be thrill to see all your hard work and diligence pay off. Well-played, sir.

  2. Rik says:

    Awesome! Looks beautiful on the water. Congratulations, Job Well Done. When are sails up?

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