Out with the old – In with the new

Well, I retired my old FG sailboat. I took her off the trailer and stored her out behind the barn for now. Kinda sad in a way, but exciting too. Not sure if I’ll want to keep her yet or not. I did need the trailer for the sharpie. I’ve got the boat and trailer set up side by side now, and I’m making adjustments to the rollers and bunks to fit the new boat. I’ll give the trailer some much needed paint also before the boat goes on. The decks will be ready for paint real soon , and after that I should be ready for a launching  – of sorts. I still need to build my rudder and spars before I can sail her, but I can try her out as a rowboat. Maybe two more weekends and I’ll be ready for that. 🙂





About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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