Decked out

After wrapping up the flotation, I think… I’ve been getting the decks epoxied down. Every extra little peice that goes on now gets me one step closer to having a complete, usable boat. It’s been a long time coming. It’s a pretty exciting time in the build process. I can almost imagine being out on the water in her. The decks will get fiberglassed also before paint. Then I’ve got to get started on the coamings.

You can see in the one pic what I came up with for oarlock sockets. Oilite bronze bushings. It turns out 5/8″ bronze oarlock sockets are like hen’s teeth. I think these will do fine.

IMGP8638.1 IMGP8640.1 IMGP8637.1 IMGP8636.1 IMGP8634.1


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