Paint – for real

Got some color on the hull today. The color is a close match to the Kirby’s color I had picked. This is just a bit greener – the Kirby’s green/gray sometimes looks green and sometimes blue depending on the light. I wanted more greenish, so I’m happy with this. I used Ace hardware oil based polyurethane alkyd enamel porch floor paint. The can mix any color you want and it was less than $30 a gallon. Finding oil based paint wasn’t easy around here, and to get it mixed in a custom color, this was my best choice. I’m thinking it’ll hold up well – time will tell. The paint was applied by the roll and tip method.

 IMGP8620.1 IMGP8621.1 IMGP8622.1

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1 Response to Paint – for real

  1. Yves says:

    Thank you for this report! very good job, I am from France, courage soon launch and the first joys of sailing.

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