Trunk installed

After a couple of weekends off from serious boat building I got back to some final assembly today. The centerboard trunk is now in for good. I glassed and epoxy/graphite powder coated the insides of the trunk and coated the centerboard with graphite also. I bedded the trunk with Boatlife polysulphide caulking. Hoping that  allows a little give with no leaks down the road. I had read that epoxy would be to brittle and would crack and leak eventually – I don’t want that. I’ve always had good luck with Boatlife in the past, so I’m trusting it here.

I’ve still got a few more frames to make up and install, as well as the deck carlins for the washboards, and I’ve got to do my mast steps yet. I’m not real optimistic about making my July 4th deadline at this point. I surely don’t want to rush it and screw something up now, so I may want to give myself a couple extra months time. It would be nice to get her out sailing sometime this summer/fall though. 😉

Pics don’t show much different, but I’ve made some progress nonetheless.

Oh yeah —  I’ve got some paint colors picked out too. Hard to believe I’m ready for that yet, but I’ll have to get under and behind the thwarts and the like painted before they’re installed permanently. The thwarts will get bedded with Boatlife too. 😉

graphite inside trunk

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