Frames, Thwarts, & Sternsheets

Made some more progress this week inside the boat, once I finally figured out what I wanted to do.  I put two frames on each end of the center thwart. The thwart was notched to fit between them, and another notch locates the centerboard trunk. There was some tricky  marking & cutting to make it all fit right, but it came out pretty good. Very solid – and I got to remove the temporary brace there. Then I got a start on the sternsheets. Again, I spent alot of time figuring out how I wanted to do things there also. I made sure to check all my measurements against my body – meaning mostly that the seats are at a comfortable height and the space between the center thwart and the sternsheets is such that I can brace my feet on the sternsheets when. I’m rowing. I’ve been trying to think of all the variables like this so I end up with a comfortable and usable vessel when I’m done. All this extra thinking stuff out takes alot of extra time, but it’s worth it. A split thwart will go at the forward end of the centerboard case. That will come next after I finish the sternsheets. The sheets will get trimmed up nice after while. Right now there just kinda rough cut oversize. I’m planning on a “U” shape cutout for them and some rounded edges there. More thinking it out to come.

elementary boatbuilding

what's this disaster?




roughing out the sternsheets


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