My test piece of Sureply after nearly a month in the dishwasher. Looks OK to me.


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2 Responses to Sureply

  1. Mike Q says:

    I’m building a PICCUP Pram and using sureply. I’ve read a few post that talked about it some give it a thumbs up others down due to swelling of inner core where it overlaps. Your test piece looks like it is in good shape. Have you had any issues with it? I’ve used it for all the panels – bottom , bilge and sides and I was going to laminate 3 pieces together for the Leeboard. Do you have any concerns about using it?

    • timsboats says:

      Time will tell, Mike. I’ll be glassing the outside, epoxy coat and paint the inside. My centerboard is being built now – I used a doug. fir core and Sureply sheathing either side. It’ll also get glass and epoxy. I think diligent maintenence and painting would hold up pretty good even without epoxy – but I want better. All that being said – if I had more money to commit to the project, I would’ve used meranti marine ply. I’ve got another boat planned and hope to use meranti for it.

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