Making good progress

I have been making some fairly good progress on the boat this week. Got out the false stem. I’m happy with the result there. Next, I made the breasthook – Lots of times on and off the boat getting the fit right. Drilling the forward mast hole was challenging, tricky to get the angle right, but it came out OK. Then I went to work on the main mast partner. I made a beam marking jig from two plywood strips and two wooden blocks the same thickness as the deck beam. Card stock butted up against the inwale and taped in place gives me the proper angle for a perfect fit, front and back. You can see in the pic that the cards need to be on the inside of the jig, as on the right side. Slide the beam up inside the jig and trace the outside edges of the cards and you have a perfectly marked beam. It’s a trick I learned and carried over from my kayak building. The main mast partner notches into the beams. Everything will get epoxied in a little later – after I’m sure it’s all fitting together just the way I want it. Lots of breath holding, tense moments making up these pieces and I’m kinda glad to have this hurdle behind me now. You can see I had to rig up some pretty hokey setup to drill the mast partner hole at the correct angle – I don’t always have the right tool but somehow have to figure out a way to  make it work. Maybe someday I’ll have all the right tools. Maybe. Someday.

false stem & breasthook

beam marking jig

marking the beam

notched beams

breasthook & mainmast partner

messy worker?
or just a busy one?

angle drilling rig

mocked up masts

the funnest part - shaping the partner

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Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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2 Responses to Making good progress

  1. Wetlander says:

    She’s coming along! Everything looks great. You mentioned epoxy- why kind are you using? I will be building a kayak or SUP this season and would like to know which brand a seasoned veteran uses…
    Also, how many hours do you have on this sharpie, so far?
    Keep those pics and techniques comin’. You have a lot of fans…

  2. timsboats says:

    I’m just a rookie – so you’ll have to find a seasoned veteran to ask. 😉
    However, I’m using West System epoxy. May cost a little more but I have the peace of mind from using a proven product. I’ve got roughly 135 hours into her now. The farther along I get, the slower and more carefully I seem to want to work. The stakes are too high now to screw something up.
    Easy now…

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