The case for buying plans

Not much work got done on the fitting out this week. Alot of head scratching did take place however – so I have been doing something.

I’ve discovered the hard way, I guess, the case for buying plans. Making a boat shaped item from a table of offsets and a few pictures is OK. But, once I got her flipped right side up, things kinda stalled out for me. What should I do first? How should I do it? This will have to be done before I can do that – and what about this? and that?  — and on and on… I’m gonna get it one way or another, but a clear plan of what to do and how, sure would come in handy about now. On the other hand I do like kinda “building on the fly” – just seeing what develops as I go along.

I did finally start by making a deck crown template. That allows me to bevel the inwales to the right angle. And I’ll be using it to trace out the deck beams, of course. So I got out some quarter knees and a rear deck beam while using my template as a guide. The small rear deck was a “building on the fly” decision, — and I like it – so it can’t be all bad working this way.  So some work accomplished but alot of head scratching too – I think I’m on a roll now – we’ll see where it takes me.


quarter knee and rear deck beam

deck crown template

little progress


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