Just workin’

Spent quite a bit of time today getting the boat leveled and secured in the upright position. Took some thinking but I came up with an easy solution – I cut 3 little blocks all the same height, and screwed them to my molds on the waterline marks. Then I could lay my level across them and level the boat fore and aft easily, of course athwartship was no problem.  Once all was right on, I cut my blocking and secured all that – she shouldn’t be moving around on me now.

I then cut and glued up my centerboard trunk posts – they’ll be ready for tomorrow. And made a brace for amidship and got rid of the center mold. The brace held perfect and she didn’t move at all. Gotta do that twice more for the other molds. I had to butcher the mold to get it out, but I told myself – I set out to build a boat, not a set of molds – screw the molds – save the boat.

You’ll see on the front page of the blog – I set myself a completion date – July 4th 2012.  I actually think she’ll get wet and be rowable before that. By the 4th of July I want her complete – sailing.

I think it’s doable.