Flipping Day!

What a great feeling to get her flipped over today!

I’ve gotta thank my brother Bob, and my neighbors Mike and Ben for helping me. Of course we didn’t weigh her, we’re guessing less than 100 pounds right now. Mike said he felt like only 20 pounds – or maybe he wasn’t trying too hard… 😉

She looks great right side up. The lines look better than I could have imagined – really. The pics look very cluttered with all the molds and bracing still in there. I’ll need to get her leveled and secured and braced before the molds come out. There’s no stopping me now! Got a fresh head of steam for the interior fitting. Centerboard trunk first, I think. Then thwarts and the rest. I’m just a tad excited – I think I peed a little 🙂

Mr Toad was nowhere to be found today. I’m sure he’d approve.


That sheer!