A visitor in the shop…

 This guy stopped by my shop the other day to check on the boat progress. Said something about – – “it’s hard to build an ugly wooden boat…”  but coming from him I’m not sure what to think. I’m pretty sure I got his approval.

handsome prince?

I got some more work done on the skeg this week. It’s fitting pretty good now. I plan on waiting to permanently install the skeg and gripe until after the centerboard case goes in. You see when I cut the slot, I made it so the posts will go all the way through the bottom. Then the skeg and gripe overlap the ends of the post. Trimming the posts flush to the bottom will be very easy this way and the end grain on the posts will be covered by the skeg and gripe. I’m just about to that point now and will probably be making up the case this weekend.

Heck I might even flip her over! I think I’m ready.

We’ll see what Mr. Toad thinks….

gluing it up


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