Surprising day

It was a surprising day for me. I got way more done than I ever thought I  would. I didn’t plan on it, but I got the centerboard slot cut. I didn’t set out to do it today, it just sorta happened and everything just fell into place.  You’ll see in the pics that I screwed some guides for my router to the bottom and just buzzed it out – 1/8″ at a time. The router makes such a nice clean cut. Any other way would have never given me this result. All I had to do after I took off the guides was toothpick & epoxy the screw holes. Easy. Then I tackled the gripe – the forward keel thingy. I didn’t want to scribe and fit it to the bottom so I split my piece down the middle on the table saw and then epoxied the two pieces back together again on the boat. Got the bottom curve without any fussy fitting to do. 🙂 Had some business to take care of, and after I got back I cleaned up the toothpicks and cut out the pieces and laminated them for the sternpost. Way more than I ever expected to get done today.

router guides