Planking done!

Could it be?  After those last few temporary screws went in the bottom, I realize the planking is all done! Sure the bottom still needs trimming – but a milestone in my mind anyhow. It took me about six hours today to get the bottom on. Put it on in one piece – I just cut down the middle of the aft half to create the vee in the rear bottom. Had to work hard and fast before the epoxy had a chance to set up, but I made it. Getting my son to help me was the hardest part – video games and telephones, ya know… I’ll hopefully start trimming it up tomorrow and then it’ll really look like something.  Oh, and I drilled holes through the keel plank to mark where the centerboard slot will be before I put the bottom on. Now I can just drill them the rest of the way through the bottom planking and connect the dots to cut the centerboard slot. I thought it was a clever solution ,but maybe I just got a big head, I don’t know. Maybe both.  And another maybe original idea  — I used my stud finder to locate where to drill for the screws into the chines. Worked great – didn’t miss one time. I needed to do this because I left the bottom way wider than it needs to be. Easier for me to trim it off later than cuss myself out for cutting it too small. That’s it for now.


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2 Responses to Planking done!

  1. Wetlander says:

    I am envious of your dedication to this boat, as well as your thorough documentation of the process. Great high quality pics, process driven explanation of theory-to-practice, and quiet enthusiasm for the task at hand. Keep up the good work.

    • timsboats says:

      Thank you. I’m enjoying every step along the way – including documenting it here. I’ve gotten much of what I know, or am learning, from others’ pages like these and, of course, the woodenboat forum. If I somehow inspire or help another to build one or somthing different of thier own , then it’s been a successful blog.

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