Ready for planking

I got my plywood for the planking the other day. I bought 1/4″ Sureply from Lowe’s. Sureply is offered as a premium underlayment. It costs $20 a sheet and marine ply was more than twice as much. The Sureply uses waterproof glue and I have not seen any voids yet. It’s better than I at first thought it might be, so I think it’ll make a fine, inexpensive little boat. It may change my mind also about using only marine ply for my catamaran build that’s coming up. Might be able to start that sooner than I thought… but let’s get this one done first, OK?

I spent about 8 hours today trimming up the transom ply and scarphing up the sheets for the planking. I got fast hardener for the West Systems epoxy so I hope to be ready to start planking the topsides tomorrow.

The scarphs were made 12:1  —  3 inches long for 1/4″ plywood. Sounds kinda impossible when you say it but it worked out OK. All done with a hand plane. Lots of sweat – no blood or tears. But satisfying work.

setup for scarphing

getting started

all done

transom planked


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