More fairing fun and a good lashing

Lots of planing this weekend. Fairing the chines and sheer clamps. (hope I’m using all the right terms/names)
Transom frame is all padded out and cleaned up, faired. Fairing the stringers was not possible at the molds because I had a nail holding them in place… and screws would be next to impossible to remove from the molds after the planking was on… what to do? After a little thought I remembered the peg and lashing from my kayak building, So that’s what I did. Now they’ll all stay solid while I finish fairing. When it comes time to remove the molds I just cut the lashing and have an 1/8″ peg to cut or break at each spot. May even be able to save the molds this way too. Looking at the boat with a faux plank on there has me thinking about possibly planking in lapstrake – what do you think? Am I crazy to make more work for myself this way? Would it look better? I’m sure plywood will be much quicker, but I wonder…
Got to sleep on that one.

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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