The slow progress continues…

I’ve got the fairing of the chines and keel plank just about done. I used my 4 foot aluminum level, coated the one edge with black magic marker – (Sharpie, of course) and used it like a huge pencil of sorts across the bottom of the boat. Rubbing it back and forth left marks on the chines where I needed to plane some wood off. Rub, mark, plane, repeat. Rub, mark, plane, repeat. Seems to work pretty well though- so I’ll stick with it. Laying a scrap of plywood across looks like a pretty good fit. Looks like I’m going to have to fair top to bottom also so the topsides fit nice and flat just the same. Using the same level marking stick trick there too so far. I should be ready to scarf some plywood for the planking real soon. I’ll get ya some pics when there’s something to show.

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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