Chines and sheer clamps

I’ve made some progress on my sharpie. Chines and sheer clamps fitted and glued up. They were all left long on the transom end. Once the epoxy sets up good and hard I’ll trim them off flush. Still lots of fussy fitting either way, maybe less this way, but far from easy. I’m gonna have to pad out the transom frame too. All my measuring and I still got it wrong – live and learn, I guess. But it’ll still work out OK. A piece of 1/4″ ply will finish the transom off then. Using West sytsem epoxy so far. Fairing coming up next.


chine keel and stem joints

chine keel and stem joints

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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2 Responses to Chines and sheer clamps

  1. twsg2009 says:

    Nice progress. Looks like a solid boat. The sail plan is pretty unique! Also, thanks for visiting my building blog for the Duck Punt.

  2. timsboats says:

    I like these duck punts. Lots of activity lately about them lately on the Woodenboat forum.
    Simple,fun, lightweight, inexpensive.
    Yea, – I’ll probably have to build one someday too. Would be a nice cartop boat. Easy to launch off the beach near my home. I’ll be watching your progress.

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