Stick-Up Sharpie

stick-up sharpie

I’m starting a new blog here to follow along on the build of a 13′ stick-up rigged sharpie.

Some work has already been started – the strongback and molds are set up. That has taken me a couple weekends so far. I hope to progress along fairly quickly as I’d like to have her out sailing this summer.

This will be a budget build. I’ll keep a reasonably close guesstimate of the monies spent here.

I’m hoping this blog may help someone interested in this unique boat and maybe encourage them to build one of thier own also.

About timsboats

Beginning hobby boat builder Wannabee sailor
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2 Responses to Stick-Up Sharpie

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Tim, have just come across your great blog. You’re doing a really nice job and I’m sure you’ll be ready to launch before too long. Just wanted to ask you about the “stick up” rig on these boats and what the logic is for having the two masts at different angles. I’m used to ketch rigs where the mizzen mast is astern of the main mast, but this rig seems quite quirky with the smaller sail at the front. Is there any reference to the designer and why he has designed the rig this way? Keep up the great work. Peter (NISpete) – Norwalk Islands Sharpie builder –

    • timsboats says:

      The rig goes back to the 1870’s or thereabouts. According to Howard Chapelle’s writings they were common in the day. “…well regarded on the bay…” I believe is how he put it. There are a few references to the rig in his book: American Small Sailing Craft
      Check it out from your local library if you wish – it’s great reading about working sailboats back when gasoline engines were not even heard of in boats.
      I chose it partially because it IS quirky – I like something different and unusual. I hope I like the way she sails – time will tell…

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